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Earthbenders share many of the same fundamental techniques as waterbenders, but their domain is quite different and more readily accessible. Earthbenders dominate the ground and the subterranean, having abilities to pull columns of rock straight up from the earth or drill their way through the mountain. They can also launch themselves through the air using pillars of rock and do not hurt themselves provided they land on something they can bend. The more skilled Earthbenders can even bend metal and lava.

How To Choose[]

Just like you would choose any other element, Earthbending would be done in a very similar fashion. You can use the command:

/bending choose Earth

You will receive a message telling you that you have become an Earthbender. On most servers, you want to be careful when choosing your element, changing your element is turned off by default.

Passive: No Fall Damage[]

As a passive ability, Earthbenders will not take fall damage if they land on something they can bend. For a list of blocks that an Earthbender can bend, look further down on the page or check your config file.

If an Earthbender is capable of Metalbending, he or she will also not take fall damage if they land on iron, gold, or quartz blocks.


Metalbending is a sub element for the most skilled of Earthbenders. To grant a player permission to Metalbend, you can use the permission node:

This node defaults to true, so all Earthbenders can Metalbend. Players that can Metalbend open up a new range of abilities that involve manipulating the purest form of Earth, metal. Refer to the Metalbending page for more information.

Reverting Earthbending[]

In the config.yml, there is an option to allow Earthbending to revert. You want to look at the following three options:

    RevertEarthbending: true
    SafeRevert: true
    RevertCheckTime: 300000

If RevertEarthbending is set to false, then you can ignore the second and third options. If it is set to true, then the second option will tell you how often the plugin will check to revert Earthbending, in milliseconds. In the above example, Earthbending will be reverted roughly every 5 minutes.

The SafeRevert option checks if players are around before Reverting to prevent suffocation. This will not revert Earthbending if there are players in the chunk where Earthbending is reverting. Instead, it will wait and revert the Earth when there is no longer a player in the chunk, or the server reloads.

Depending on your server size, you may want to change the check time around a bit. The more Earthbending it removes, the more you can expect it to temporarily effect performance. If you set this to false, it wont check for Earthbending reverts period. Meaning when you DO turn it on, all prior Earthbending will stay.

Please Note: The check time just means every time the plugin will check. Doesn't mean that it is how long Earthbending will be around for, it depends on how long until the next check.

Earthbendable Blocks[]

In the config.yml, you can change which blocks Earthbenders can bend. This could be useful if you wanted to remove / add some more blocks. Otherwise, you can leave it default.

Example: (Default)

    RevertEarthbending: true
    SafeRevert: true
    RevertCheckTime: 300000
    CanBendWithWeapons: true
    - STONE
    - COAL_ORE
    - DIRT
    - GOLD_ORE
    - GRASS
    - GRAVEL
    - IRON_ORE
    - SAND

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