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Airbenders are natural pacifists and great explorers. There is almost nothing stopping them from scaling the tallest of mountains and walls easily. Their skills range from blasting things away with gusts of winds to forming a defensive shield of air. Easy to get across flat terrains, such as oceans, there is practically no terrain off limits to Airbenders. They lack much raw damage output, but make up for it with their ridiculous amounts of utility and speed.

Passive Abilities:[edit | edit source]

  • No Fall Damage
Airbenders are quick on their feet which allows them to safely land from great height.
  • Increased Speed and Jump Height
Due to their light fighting style, Airbenders are able to run faster and jump higher than other benders.
  • Decreased Hunger Bar Consumption
Airbenders, under their strict diets and lifestyles, are able to go longer without food.

Configuration[edit | edit source]

      Factor: 1.0
      Speed: 10000
      Jump: 100

An example config. The speed and jump configuration options represent the power of the natural potion effects on an Airbender.

Notable Airbenders

  • Tenzin's Family
  • Avatar Aang
  • Avatar Yangchen
  • Monk Gyatso
  • Zaheer
  • Guru Laghima

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