Avatar Mod 2 (also known as AV2 or Out of the Iceberg) is the Forge Mod to implement the Avatar Universe. It is a free, community-driven expansion for Minecraft PC which will add content from the television show Avatar: The Last Airbender. Players will have access to Avatar-related items, bending abilities, sub-bending, mobs, and much more to enhance the vanilla experience. The mod is combat-focused, which means a lot of work is done regarding balance and strategy to make PvP much more interesting than vanilla spam-clicking. While the mod primarily aims to create multiplayer experiences, there are many features which make singleplayer fun too.

Av2 Logo

This mod is under development as of 2018 and aims to succeed where other similar projects failed. Some exciting features missing from other add-ons includes flying bison, avatar mode, and sub-bending, among many more. You can also play this on the latest version of Minecraft, and you need Minecraft Forge to run it.

Some major features haven't been added yet, but there are all 4 major bending styles, 4 specialty bending styles, 32 diverse abilities, flying bison, many animals, scrolls and progression and much more. In the exciting update coming Development ideas can be found on Trello and progress updates are posted every Sunday on Minecraft Forums.

Installation Edit

Please see Av2:Install.

Portal Edit

Compared to ProjectKorra Plugin Edit

Compared to the main plugin, Out of the Iceberg...

  • is based on the Forge mod framework instead of Bukkit - the impacts of this are discussed below
  • has GUIs and mobs, which aren't in the plugin
  • must be installed on each player's machine before they can join a server as a result of the mod being developed on the Minecraft Forge platform
  • has not finished development yet, which means it has less features than the plugin

Out of the Iceberg originally started development in June 2016 under CrowsOfWar. Over time, it had attracted many more contributors and recently merged with the main ProjectKorra network to combine forces.