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Please note! As of the 1.6.0 alphas waterbending is suspended from the game!

Waterbending is one of the 4 major bending styles

Waterbending emblem

 Waterbending is an element of change.  It is a graceful style of bending and specializes in counter attack-related abilities to allow the bender to turn their opponents forces against them. However, to waterbend you need to be near a source of water which is ideal for waterbenders.

Waterbenders rely on their various, unique, abilities that have many different uses. Waterbenders are at their strongest when on water, ice, and when it is raining as they can utilize all their abilities to defeat their opponent


As of the latest stable build, waterbenders are capable of doing 4 abilities:


Waterbending also has different sub-skills or sub-bendings like:


  • Water Arcs can be created near filled cauldrons.
  • If it's raining you can create water arcs without the need of a water source