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Slipstream is an airbending buff-based ability that gives you a speed boost. It surrounds you in a cowling of pure wind that boosts your speed and jump height.

Slipstream in Action

This ability requires a tier V airbending scroll or tier V universal scroll to unlock.

Level II[]

Increase the jump boost effect of slipstream.

This ability upgrade requires a tier V scroll.

Level III[]

You intermittently turn invisible. The power of the buffs are increased.

This ability upgrade requires a tier VI scroll.

Level IV[]

As with all other abilities, there are two options for Slipstream's level IV upgrade.

Divine Breeze: Improve your melee and airbending abilities for a short period of time.

Divine Breeze adds strength to the mix of abilities and gives airbending buffs. This ability upgrade is recommended for airbenders who want a general upgrade to slipstream.

Run Like The Wind: Increases the buffs given by slipstream and run in the air!

Run Like The Wind allows the user to run in mid-air. You can use this to cross rivers, ravines, and lava pools.