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The Sand Emblem

Sandbending is a specialized technique of Earthbending in Avatar Mod 2 that allows benders to manipulate sand. This technique gives earthbenders a significant advantage when fighting other benders on sand, as they will now also have access to a variety of powerful sand-related abilities. Although sandbending is most effective when used near sand, earthbenders can still bend the small gravel particles in any rocky environment to create sandbending abilities.


One can learn Sandbending by studying Sandbending scrolls found in Desert Temples. Fortunately for explorers, there will usually be at least one Sandbending scroll per temple. Unlike the main four Bending Styles, learning Sandbending only requires one scroll, making it significantly easier to learn this specialty bending style.

Once Sandbending is unlocked, abilities and upgrades can be unlocked with either Earthbending, Sandbending, or Universal scrolls.


Sandbenders have access to two abilities in addition to all other earthbending abilities: