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Icebending is a sub-style of Waterbending in Avatar Mod 2 which lets waterbenders freeze water into ice. This is an incredibly useful extension to Waterbending as it allows waterbenders create barriers to protect against enemy attacks and as there are not many great defensive abilities included in the normal set of Waterbending abilities.


Waterbenders can learn Icebending by finding Icebending scrolls in Igloo cellars. Since only half of the Igloos have basements, Icebending scrolls can sometimes be difficult to find. However, unlike the main Bending Styles, which require three scrolls, Icebending only requires one scroll for the player to learn it.

Players can unlock Icebending abilities or upgrade them with either Waterbending, Icebending, or Universal scrolls.


Currently, Icebenders have access to two additional abilities, on top of their existing Waterbending abilities:

  • Ice Prison, in which the player encases an enemy in a large chunk of ice.
  • Ice Shield, a spherical shield of ice used defend against enemy attacks which can also be shattered to fling damaging shards in all directions.