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Fireball in hand

Fireball is a firebending ability that creates a fireball with great destructive capabilities in your hand. The fireball can be thrown (indicated on the crosshair) by pressing left click. When it hits a block or an entity it explodes, doing blast damage and setting things on fire.

Level IV[]

As with all other abilities, there are two choices for Fire Ball's level IV upgrade.

Focused explosion: Can sometimes destroy obsidian

Focused explosion is an upgrade that suits better a firebender who likes to destroy things. It doesn't improve the offensive part of the ability at all but allows you to destroy blocks.

Charged explosion: Takes a few seconds to charge, larger explosion on impact

This one a is great upgrade because of its high damage potential. You simply need to wait a few seconds and the ball will start to grow bigger and bigger, when thrown it will do massive damage to the area.