Bison Saddle is an item that can be equipped to a sky bison so it can be rideable. The saddle gives armor and allows more people to ride the bison. There are four types or tiers of saddles (basic, sturdy, studded and majestic), each one increasing the number of armor points it gives to the bison and how many players can ride it.

Below, you can learn more about each of the four tiers.

Basic Saddle[edit | edit source]

The basic saddle is the first saddle and the lowest tier. It gives two (2) armor points and allows one (1) player to ride the bison. It's super easy to obtain because it can be crafted as such:

Basic Saddle.jpg

Sturdy Saddle[edit | edit source]

The sturdy saddle is the number two in the tiers list after the basic one. It gives four (4) armor points and allows two (2) players to ride the bison. Like the basic one, it can be crafted using one basic saddle as such:

Sturdy Saddle.jpg

Studded Saddle[edit | edit source]

The studded saddle is the third one in the tier. It gives six (6) armor points and allows four passengers to ride the bison. Unlike the Basic and Sturdy saddles, this one doesn't have a crafting recipe. The only way to obtain one is through chest loot found in generated structures.

Majestic Saddle[edit | edit source]

The majestic saddle is the last and best saddle that a bison can be equipped with. It gives ten (10) armor points and allows six (6) players to ride the bison. Similar to the studded saddle, this one doesn't have a crafting recipe, and has to be obtained through loot.

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