Avatar Commands[edit | edit source]

/avatar Ability[edit | edit source]

/avatar ability set holobish132 Earth 1

with that command you can set amount of experience

for example, I had 30% XP of water bubble and I set it to 70%

/avatar ability get holobish132 Water 5

for now it is just give you extra experience

for example, I had 30% XP of

ter bubble and I added 30% more, so now I have 60%

/avatar Bending[edit | edit source]

/avatar bending add mrbotmanbot All

with that you can give yourself or to your friend a bending element

/avatar bending list holobish132

this checks what bendings a player has

/avatar bending remove holobish132 Fire

remove bending element from player

available bendings:

  • Waterbending
  • Earthbendings
  • Firebending
  • Airbending
  • All
  • Lightningbending
  • Sandbending
  • Icebending
  • Combustionbending
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