Abilities are actions or special moves that a user of a certain bending style can execute. Every ability is exclusive to its bending style and cannot be used by other benders, except for the avatar. The avatar is a planned feature in the future.

All abilities are locked by default and the player has to unlock them one by one through the use of scrolls. Also, every ability can be upgraded three times (level II, III and IV) after unlocking it with level I. Every ability at level IV has two variants which have their own benefits and is up to the bender to choose the one that suits their style better. (To learn more about upgrading abilities click here)

Airbending[edit | edit source]

Earthbending[edit | edit source]

Firebending[edit | edit source]

Waterbending (currently disabled in the alpha 1.6.0)[edit | edit source]

Icebending[edit | edit source]

Sandbending[edit | edit source]

Combustionbending[edit | edit source]

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